Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Lovin'

I'm so neglectful. I knew this would happen. My first blog is my testament to this. And my job. And my downright laziness. I will admit it. I'm sopping up the days where I can sleep in and then spend my days out in the sun, toasty warm, my skin sun kissed and smelling like coconuts supplementing my existence with large amount of coffee. Life is good.

It's time to book share again. I've been reading like crazy and summer lovin' every minute. Yes, I realize that's cliche. That's how I roll.

 She wished something would happen.  And it did. Fabulous! I love this book. Everyone is saying that the Newberry winning are going down the drain but apparently they missed this book, because this book is incredible. Perkins does a really fantastic job at styling her book and and she pairs it with funky pictures. It's the ultimate mix between a picture and chapter book for older kids. So good.


Sarah Dessen did it again. I love this woman. She really knows how to write a good story. If you haven't read a Sarah Dessen book yet, then do yourself a favor and good pick yourself up a copy of one of her books. You won't regret it.

What I really liked about this book is that Dessen really has a nice fresh take on a story. For me, her previous book Along for the Ride was a little blah, sorta a same old story that Dessen writes. But there seems to be a new maturity with Dessen's character, Mclean which I really like. You can tell her work is evolving.

Alright, I'm off to get back in the sun and back to reading. More to come soon.

Says the girl who is lazy.

Someone had to say it.                                                                                    

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hammers, and Wrenches, and Saws, OH MY!

Today is my day off. I almost woke up with tears from the joy of not having to stand on my feet all day. Yesterday, around four in the afternoon, my feet were sending me all kinds of signs to sit down. I told my feet to shut up. In my head, not verbally. Then my feet sent shooting pains up my calves. They know how to play dirty. Anyways, my feet and I aren't on speaking terms but hopefully we can reconcile soon because I have to work tomorrow.

This is the part where you want to hear about my job.

Alright then, I will spill because you are all dying to know.

My dad laughed at me because I said that a customer was looking for a jacksaw. For those who are with me in having no idea what is in a hardware store, jacksaws don't exist.

But, jackhammers do.

So, that is how work went. I have a vague idea of what exists in the store and I'm a real expert when it comes to getting mulch. I am the mulch queen. They should make me a sash and tiara and dub me with a sword. They can call me Lady Alexandria of Mulch (part of the name of the town is Alexandria, so it seemed fitting). Other than that I am getting the hang of things. I know once I get everything down and get situated I will enjoy it much more.

Well, I am off to read, read, read because it is the reason for my existence, the reason I breathe, though that fact  that I would turn blue if I didn't suck in some oxygen might play a part in my reasoning, as well.

Until next time...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Smart Women Thirst For Knowledge

Its over. I have made it through finals week (like there was ever a doubt about it). All I have left to do is pack up the rest of my room and say goodbye. I still can't believe that another year of college is done and over, just like that. Now, I am walking away with a little sorrow in my heart for those I will miss but the warm memories I made tucked in my front pocket.

Then next year its off to finishing my English Degree (I'll still have a year of college after that) and being the Editor in Chief for The Beacon (our college newspaper).

I'll still be around this summer, with my new job and my newly acquired pink hello kitty fishing pole, writing about all the happenings in my life and maybe a few fictitious accounts that I've come up with myself.

Therefore, I leave you with the parting words my wonderful professor gave me yesterday on my favorite cup of all.

Coffee, anyone? :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finals Week

It's the week that all college students dread. The week when you have seven essays due, five tests to study for, and three presentations to give. The week where you wear a paper bag over your face because you have had no sleep or time to take a shower. The week where Starbucks and Taco Bell go out of business because you buy out the whole stinkin' store. Well, its Tim Hortons around this area. We don't get a Starbucks.

I thought that my finals week was going to be relatively easy. Six essays and one test to study for sounds sounds like a piece of cake. Ha, I'm so silly sometimes. Although, I haven't had to resolve to wearing a paper bag over my face. Yet.

For all of you studying, I feel your pain. I understand where your coming from. I also have Keurig, so if you need some coffee, you know where to find me. :)