Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Was Made For Sunny Days

I have officially been home for one month. It only feels as though a week has passed. I couldn't believe when I saw June 7th glaring at me in the face today. Pretty soon I'll have my boxes packed up and I'll be heading back to the Rochester area for another fantastic year. But, for now, I think I will enjoy all the sleep I am getting and let the days of tomorrow drift into my unconsciousness.  

It is also my day off and thank the Lord. I needed it. I need a break from plywood and screws. SEEING AS THERE ARE 8 BILLION DIFFERENT KINDS OUT THERE.

Excuse me for the outburst. Its been building up for a while.

Now let's get down to business.

I made scones. Yes, I dared to write it. The most beautiful accessory to a cup of coffee or tea if I'm in the mood. Scones may be one of God's greatest gifts to us, all doughy and sweet and delicious. A few years ago I made lemon tarts and stuck a few raspberries on them and my taste buds sang a symphony of joy. They commended my on my impeccable taste. Ever since then I have been think of way to create that same delightful taste in a different way. And that is where making scone comes in.  

You bet your bottom those scones turned out to be wonderfully delicious.

Raspberry scones with a lemon glaze. AMAZING!! I could sit there and eat the whole batch especially with a glass of iced coffee.

What was even better was that I spent the whole time listening to The Weepies while I sifted, kneaded, and stirred. It's probably why they turned out so well.

That's all for today. I'm off to finish a book and soak up the sun. Well,  as soon as the tractor stops stirring up hay. I'm been eating mouthfuls since they started loading it up. Now I know how cows feel.