Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bringing Out the Mom in Me

Plants inspire me to be a responsible, motherly creature even though their inspiration is only short term. I walk into nurseries that are budding with pansies, snapdragons, and roses and end up buying out half the store because my heart yearns to tend theses little plants and a beautiful garden. Last year on Mother's Day, I bought myself a Gerber Daisy because I thought it would be cute to tend a plant. I picked up a chocolate brown pot and potting soil to get this littler Gerber on its way, planted it, watered it for a couple days, and then tried to forget about it. What started out as  tender love for a plant (I don't even like Gerber Daisies that much) turned into burning hate because of the extra responsibility it gave me. Instead of giving it tender words of love and showers of water, I gave my Gerber the stink eye, letting it dry up until it went to its final resting place. I learned my lesson: don't buy plants. 

That was until this Mother's day. 

Now I will give myself a couple pats on the back because this time I didn't just buy a plant because I wanted to play homemaker over summer break. This time I bought only what I like--lavender and snapdragons. In addition to helping these plants thrive, I am going to try and dry the lavender and make lavender-infused honey. I'm taking this whole mother's day vibe to the next level this year.

Hopefully this whole let's-grow-plants-and-be-cool endeavor goes much better than my experience with my poor Gerber. I don't need to be sitting out the middle of my backyard glaring at my snapdragons and lavender because I need to water and weed around them. 

I'll keep you posted on my "motherly" endeavors.